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With Covered from Amazon Music, listeners can vote on songs they want to see their favorite artists cover. Through a series of recorded and streamed cover song studio sessions, users can better understand the mindset, process, and personality of artists like Young Thug, Taylor Swift, and more. 




Kaelan Brown

Laura Rouw (AD)

Michal Howick (S)

Kai Butler (S)

Josh Zinger (S)



Product Design

Video Editting


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere Pro

Logic Pro X


For social ads we wanted to bring the idea of fandom into the picture, showcasing that at the end of the day, artists are fans too, just like the rest of us.


We believe that bringing an artist into the fan space will humanize them in a way that Amazon Music listeners will respect and respond to. 


Covered by Amazon Music utilizes an interface directly within the main Amazon Music space, giving users the option to listen to a curated artist playlist, vote for which song they want the artist to cover, and then interact with video and merchandise content.

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