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Whiskey. Arguably, the "wildest" of all liquors, yet one of the liquors most stuck in its ways.

It isn't often one finds a flavored whiskey, but even upon finding one, skewing away from traditional non-flavored whiskeys, to some may feel like blasphemy. 

This is why when Whiskey Smith asked us to reinvent "wild" for their line of flavored whiskeys, we were up for the challenge, because nothing is wilder than a quality flavored whiskey. 




Kaelan Brown

Griffin Drew (AD)

Daniel Todesca (CW)

Molly Barnett (CMB)

Josh Zinger (S)




Event Setup

Video Editting

Photo Editting


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop


Logic Pro X

I created a series of gifs for instagram and other platforms to promote the "Wild Spirit Rodeo". These gifs show off the glitz and glamor of "wild" in a modern context, paired with traditional whiskey and cowboy imagery and the tagline "We Wild Wilder". 

To show people how truly "wild" whiskey can be, we created the Whiskey Smith "Wild Spirit Rodeo", an event featuring games, dancing, performances, and of course Whiskey Smith's various flavored whiskeys for people to try.

I created this 30 second video ad to highlight not only the image of the rodeo, but also show that "wild" is all about shared spirit and spending time with others. 


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There cant be a festival without merchandise, which is why I created merch assets that could be sold at the festival or given away as prizes. 

Whiskey Spirit Rodeo Map.png

Additionally to make sure the rodeo can be easily navigated, I created a map that showcases the various events and stations available.

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