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In a world growing ever more connected through phones, it can often feel difficult to escape the feeling of constantly needing to interact with the web. People interact with their phones more than ever, because they have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).


What people don't know, is that FOMO is actually taking away from the amazing moments life has to offer in the present. 

Introducing NOSHO, a new kind of social app that rewards users for time spent away from social media. 

We wanted to use social pressure to try to end social pressure and make people feel more comfortable being away from their phones. 








Product Design



Logic Pro X


After Effects

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I wanted the app to have a very simplistic and to the point direction. Immediately upon opening NOSHO, users are directed to a main page where they can begin timing their moments away from social media. 

NOSHO also has an option to notify users if friends of theirs are "off the grid", incentivizing users to also put away their devices. 

While cutting down on social media use is a good thing, if users ever want to tap back into a social network, NOSHO will automatically stop timing and send a notification to alert users that they are back "on the grid".


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NOSHO's settings tab is straight forward and directed, leaving the focus of the app on its function. However, users do have the ability to sync NOSHO to their apple health account, as well as customize their account and set goals. 

To incentivize users to use NOSHO, I added a real-time changing leaderboard page that shows which NOSHO friends are staying off social media most.

Based on time spent using NOSHO, users have the opportunity to be rewarded with real life activities directed towards active engagement, nature, and in person social connection.

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For pre-roll content, we wanted to create something simple and playful to showcase situations where NOSHO may be useful. Animated by Jessica Leonard (AD), these three songs outline why NOSHO could help you see the things in life that social media is getting in the way of. 

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