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  • Kaelan Brown

Breaking Down My Father’s Blessing

My brother look just like me.

Curly hair twisted round stems

Sensing seductive smoldering of taste.

Made that tabasco baked batter,

While warmth fogged our inner city farm home.

My smile look like my pop’s.

Prolly popped a couple dimples,

worked charisma in his system.

Finally found his place in harmony

A Jamaican flip to American zip.

This bird landed in the 703.

My Mama Julie’s nest was

two blocks from my newborn steps.

They settled, like salt and peppa

On this fat of land, this buttered block.

We, the delicious spread, freshly dressed

Four part, three piece suited family.

We ran wild with happiness, yet

I’m breaking down my father’s blessing.

I’m walking down projected steps.

I’m breathing in a gifted air.

7 days of work a week,

0 time spent to self.

He gave it to the lucky 3.

Julie, my brother, and me.

Thank you.

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