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  • Kaelan Brown

A Star In Supernova

This is a letter to Aidan

Blossoming from the outside in,

As a star implodes on itself

Presenting only a black hole

Of loss filled with light.

I’m writing him to ask

For his words to touch paper,

His thoughts to be penned,

His files to be shredded.

How this clutter prevents

An empty stomach

Growling to be full..

I see him taller now,

And he thinks himself 100%,

But he’s a mere

half of that

And half of that.

It’s the lost half, that wires him.

Half black, half white,

But when the mother’s milk

Is missing who’s to hush

The stomach’s grumble?

Who’s to sing a subtle hum?

So there I stay,

Ever present, ever-loving

Pushing a star to growth,

Sending letters into space

To a star in supernova,

Waiting for his response.

Like messages in bottles

I pray my words reach home.

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