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  • Kaelan Brown

Blinking In The Spaces On The Roads Of America

By Kaelan Brown

There’s friction between the lines.

Light poles trail beside me.

Through glass I see the rhythm,

fingers snap to signal time.

I am cutting through the night

Like silver knives to evening shadow.

Head to glass, my fluttered eyes

blink between the crash and sign.

Motion divides the beat.

From my seat to skyline. The tie

That hangs the mind over the grave,

Mother earth reaching her child.

How connected we all seem

Even when passing by

Nature’s pets I saw collide

Counting steps to reach the side.

On this ever growing mile

Counting turns,

Counting space,

Passing by another boy

with his eyes still wide awake.

The crescendo as the minutes fall

And head, bruised from spotty parts

I count the steps to sheets

And in my dreams I count the stars.

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