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She - 28 DEMO VID

She - 28 DEMO VID

Lyrics - You got your fingers in my head That's where you want them Strapped in my bed It never ends Till you call it off Got 20 dollars all to spend Inside my pocket Oxycodone writes your name So you can sign it off But f*ck your feelings What you want from me Bathe in my clothes to Wash you off of me How high I have to get To feel it all and think If I don't get it Hell it's gone for me And I know now You're not my medicine babe Caught up in everything your head is in babe Fall asleep just to wake up as a Fucking skeleton babe Two glasses in And now you're telling 'em babe How you be staying up late Now you can cry If you wanna Be mean While you're on top of My ears are hearing a lotta Your calls And you keep calling Just to tell me you're exhausted Want more than what I offer I'm sorry but I won't bother to change Up for nobody The f*ck you mean you don't get it See motherfuckers get fed up With waking up every morning Waiting up to get better You like yourself for a second Drug yourself for the rest And my head Is spilling in comas It's leaking out through my chest I got now 28 days to die I'll waste my time Barely ate but I'm fine Afraid that I'ma F*ck this up with a Blood you brought with ya When somethings wrong Hit the lights End up gone till you're Breaking down on 7th street and you out of People to let it out on And sleeping won't bring you back from The dead homie is sour Your friends only look out for Themselves only That's power It hurts don't it for hours 28 days to die I'll waste my time Barely ate but I'm fine Afraid that I'll
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